How to read my books
I am fortunate that I am not writing to make a living. Earning money is nice but for me it's much more important that my readers are entertained, thrilled, amused and engaged by my stories. Let me know if you are. All my novels are published by Amazon Kindle, a firm that has revolutionised the literary market. No longer are authors dependent on the whims or bias of agents and publishers who must be persuaded that a work has the potential to earn them as well as the author a living. Nor must authors invest in vanity publishing and hope that the ever-dwindling number of booksellers will put their books on their shelves. As much more famous writers than me have said, authors write to bring pleasure and enjoyment to their readers. Print versions of my books are always less than £10 or the equivalent in other currencies and once the launch is over, that price reduces even further. Electronic versions of my work for Kindle or other e-readers are always less than £1 or free on subscription. Amazon Kindle enables a book to stand or fall on its own merits. One very successful author known to me personally wrote twelve books before one was accepted by a publisher. She is now one of the most successful writers in the UK but one is bound to wonder how much of a lottery she had to engage in by following the 'traditional' publishing route. All my books are available as paperbacks and are also available for download to Kindle and other electronic readers as well as on computers using the free Kindle app. Like all writers I’m always pleased to hear from readers with comments or questions. Of course it’s pleasing to hear that people enjoyed a story but it’s even more helpful if they critique my work, notice any typos I’ve missed or facts I’ve got wrong. Please use the site blog you can access from the button above.