A Distinctive Flourish
This should have been my third novel but before my second story was published I decided to re-structure the entire work and also to extend its timeline. So A Distinctive Flourish is the follow-up novel to my debut story. The central character in this thriller is Steven Halliday, a Birmingham photographer specialising in studio photography for the big shopping catalogues. One of my close friends was such a photographer, which enabled me to write the opening situations with some authority. Happily my friend never found himself in the financial situation that faces Steven Halliday. Many business people have had to deal with ruthless and unprincipled clients who are unmoved at leaving their suppliers with bad debts, especially those they could have avoided. Years ago I had such a client who went on to repeat his dishonesty twice more before the law finally caught up with him and he was barred from being a company director for 10 years. What I never had to resolve was the moral decision that faces Steven Halliday when he discovers his camera case contains not his photographic equipment but $2,500,000 in used bills. Of course, this is not a straightforward airline baggage-handling error and if he is to keep the money Halliday must learn skills of which he has no previous experience. As well as avoiding the people who want their cash back, Halliday must also remain clear of the authorities. Fortunately, after one amateur effort he meets Milo Carter who can evidently provide solutions to all Halliday’s problems - for a price. The complexity of the tale increases at every turn and even after the final explosive and fatal crisis in the desert outside Las Vegas, Halliday must still sort out his romantic life. In the way I like to surprise my readers there are still twists and revelations to be discovered, and even when Halliday has resumed the ‘ordinary’ life he always sought, a final surprise awaits him and, I hope, the reader in the last line of the novel.