Easbury Green
Don't look for Easbury Green on a map for the village in West Sussex is imaginary, as imaginary as Walford, Weatherfield or Warmington-on-Sea. And yet the story that unfolds in Easbury Green is a microcosm of rural Britain. Despite the 500 years it spans, Easbury Green is not a dry history but a mirror shown to the lives, loves and deaths of people who dwelt in places like it in the UK, principally during the second half of the 20th century. The reflection is drawn by one who lived there through it. Its inhabitants displayed all the traits of its society; they were truthful and dishonest, hopeful and desperate, loving and hateful, pathetic and admirable, funny and downright horrid. The story evolves as the village faces two wars; in 1415, for reasons that will be fully understood in the last chapter, through WW2 and concluding in a climax that will resonate in the UK today. As compelling as any page-turning thriller, Easbury Green is the home of people everybody knows.